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As of Monday 11 May 2020, the date on which the deconfinement in France begins, your employees for whom teleworking is not possible will have to provide an employer's certificate to travel in the Ile-de-France region by public transport at peak times.
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In accordance with Law 2014-788 of 10 July 2014, trainees are registered in a specific part of the register (at the end of the document)
Article L1221-13
A single personnel register is kept in all establishments where employees are employed, the registrations are entered in order of hiring.
Article L1221-15
The single staff register is kept at the disposal of staff representatives and officials and agents responsible for ensuring the application of the Labour Code.
Article L1221-23
Additional information to be entered in the register for each employee (nationality, date of birth, sex, job, etc.).
Article L1221-24
The single personnel register must include a copy of the titles authorising foreign workers to engage in paid employment.
Article L1221-23
Entries relating to post-employment events are entered in the single personnel register at the time they occur.
Article L1221-23
Entries in the single personnel register are kept for five years from the date on which the employee left the establishment.

No more paper, 100% digital register

Take advantage of the benefits of a software in SaaS mode

A register that evolves with the legislation in force

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Link jobs, documents, agencies to your Talents without any registration limit.

Career development follow-up

A traceability of each employee's position

Record the evolution of each employee's position and view the history at a glance.

Attach contracts, amendments, and any other documents for each item for optimal follow-up.

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Insert new fields in seconds (dates, texts, numbers, choices, chat rooms, attachments, formulas...).

Color and format your cells as you wish.


Automate your premium and commission calculations with our easy-to-use formulas.

Use your amounts, dates, duration and text.


Nothing is fixed in TimeTonic, move your columns, create an infinite number of filters, duplicate your workspace.

Share your notebooks in collaborative mode or manage the rights of your members.

Collaborative Space

Thanks to instant messaging, which allows chatting and sending notifications and sms, collaborators share ideas and documents in real time.

You can also send and receive SMS messages directly in your collaboration space, which is handy to inform about changes in the registry.

Easily administer member rights: Depending on the rights assigned, you can modify the structure, create content or simply read it.

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