TimeTonic CRM business customization

A complete and scalable CRM tool for VSEs and SMEs

Share with your team your schedules and the history of your customer and prospect exchanges.

Add at any time the business functionalities essential to better manage and retain your customers.

Take your customer relationship to the next level

A complete and scalable CRM tool for VSEs and SMEs

Interact with your customers

Find the appointment date agreed with your client on the schedule or in the history of activities with your contact the last rate communicated and ask your colleague to call him without fail before 2pm.

Organize your customer files according to your needs: prospects, partners, sector of activity, turnover volume...

Change the layout of your files in seconds, without any development knowledge.

Management of contacts
View the history of activities with your contacts:
appointments, phone calls, emails... recorded by yourself or your colleagues in the contact files attached to a client.

Analyze at a glance the highlights of your relationship with your customer over the previous quarter.

Enrich your file through your sales and marketing actions or by purchasing a customer file.

Activity monitoring

Organize your appointments and reminders, delegate and assign tasks and deadlines using the Kanban or Calendar views.

The Kanban view - an agile management method like Post-it®s - allows you to visually manage your business and your team's activity. A simple drag and drop allows you to change the status of a task.

You know at all times who changed what and when (name, date, status, amount, etc.). TimeTonic automatically keeps a history of all changes.

Drive your business

Define very simply the criteria for qualifying a business and its status.
Assign a business to a sales representative either manually or automatically.

Associate to each case attachments, specifications, reports, plans, photos, ...
Generate your quotations in Word, Excel, Pdf from your catalog item and labor.

Manage your business portfolio or quotation review in a very simple way through views or in an elaborate way by implementing automated processes.

Marketing Automation

Easily interface TimeTonic with your favorite platform to communicate and prospect via email campaigns, SMS, landing pages, Facebook ads and more, and enrich your prospect customer data.

Reporting and Analysis

Create real-time dashboards and pivot tables that help you make informed decisions.

Measure and manage your organization's sales performance by team, customer type, geographical sector...

Export your data directly to Excel

Harness the power of TimeTonic at all times


Insert new fields in seconds (dates, texts, numbers, choices, chat rooms, attachments, formulas...).

Color and format your cells as you wish.


Automate your premium and commission calculations with our easy-to-use formulas.

Use your amounts, dates, duration and text.


Nothing is fixed in TimeTonic, move your columns, create an infinite number of filters, duplicate your workspace.

Share your notebooks in collaborative mode or manage the rights of your members.

Collaborative Space

Thanks to instant messaging, which allows chatting and sending notifications and sms, collaborators share ideas and documents in real time.

You can also send and receive SMS messages directly in your collaboration space, which is handy to inform about changes.

Easily administer member rights: depending on the rights assigned, the user can modify the structure, create content or simply read it.

Native mobile application

Instant native mobile

Offline Mode

Mobile form

Voice report

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Business Portfolio Review: Business
Quotation and order management
Business Activity Analyses
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After-Sales Service Maintenance
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Native mobile
Integration with Outlook Google ERP
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