Free your organization

Visually manage all your business activities.

Create your own cloud, mobile and collaborative solutions.

No limits. No chains. No code.

Empower your organization

TimeTonic is the first management and collaboration platform
that easily adapts to meet all your business needs,
in the office as well as teleworking or in the field.

Unleash your organization to
accelerate your digital transformation

Do you want to replace Excel files, outdated ERPs and time-consuming and expensive software development? With a new visual management platform easily customizable without programming (#nocode), you can manage your business exactly the way you want, quickly and efficiently.

CRM, project management, brokerage, construction site, HR processes, customer portals or purchasing ...

There's no limit to what you can do with TimeTonic
thanks to our smart visual databases as flexible as a spreadsheet and
as easy to use as post-its that you move around on screen,
our unified messaging, native mobile application and workflow engines.

Get up and running in minutes with our expertly created business applications
or quickly create and automate your own cloud, mobile and collaborative solutions
10 times faster and more cost-effective than traditional methods.

No more rigid tools and software developments that threaten your growth and cost you a lot of money.

Welcome to TimeTonic, your tailor-made ally for digitizing all your business processes.

Thousands of professionals have already chosen TimeTonic

Discover the freedom to ...

Create your tailor-made solutions

Easily create the business applications you need and develop or customize the applications you already use.

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TimeTonic is built around intelligent workspaces called
"notebooks" where you can take notes, exchange information (chat), share files and emails with other team members and create visual and intelligent databases.

Depending on the data you want to manage (intervention or invoice dates, project status, origin, product name, team member, projected or actual amounts, files to keep or live, emails exchanged, description, photos, barcodes, documentation, customer contact information, tasks to complete, work method, etc.), simply add columns and create links to have an application ready to use, both on the Web and natively on mobile.

TimeTonic offers a wide range of standard display modes (table, form, kanban, calendar, Timeline, Gantt, pivot tables for statistics, EDM) to adapt to your work methods.

TimeTonic's visual databases are as flexible as a spreadsheet, as powerful as a relational database and as easy to use as charts you drag from one column to another.

TimeTonic includes a native online and offline mobile application as standard. A simple click in your web interface and you modify your mobile business application in real time. The TimeTonic mobile application, compatible with IOS (Apple iPhone) and Android (Samsung, LG...) has an interface carefully designed to be simple and intuitive.

Collaborate as a team and with your customers

It has never been easier to communicate with your teams via intranet or real-time chat or with your customers via web and mobile forms, email or SMS.

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Totally collaborative you can chat in real time, send contextual notifications, emails or sms to TimeTonic users.

Your prospects and customers by filling in forms generated with TimeTonic in 2 clicks and sent by email or posted on your extranet automatically update your data in TimeTonic.

TimeTonic keeps a history of all changes (who when what) which gives you complete traceability.

Automate your business processes

Rights Management, Custom Views, Notifications, Triggers and Actions, Automatic Document Creation and Sending; With TimeTonic simplify the management of your activity and gain in productivity!

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Creating Word and Excel export templates is child's play to easily generate your forms, quotes, reports, invoices...on demand or automatically with sending by email or via an extranet.

Create dedicated workspaces according to user profiles and decide which views they access by choosing the display mode, sorting and filtering the data.

Manage user rights with great precision. For example, members of an agency can only see their agency's data - and only part of the data.

Create automation rules based on views with their associated actions. For example, send an email notification when a status changes or automatically create a new line as soon as a file is added.

You can also synchronize TimeTonic with Excel spreadsheets, in total transparency for the user, making the possibilities of calculations or triggers infinite.   

Interfacing with your tools

Whatever tools you already use on a daily basis, you can easily connect them to TimeTonic: ERP, Microsoft Office, Google, Sales force, Zapier they are all compatible thanks to our API.

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Interface TimeTonic with more than 1500 external applications - calendar, email, forms, etc.

TimeTonic also includes an interface - API: Application Programming Interface - a connector and function library allowing developers to interface TimeTonic with existing software tools, mobile applications and websites, both read and write.

One platform.
One database.
An infinite number of solutions.

Easy to use

Enter or consult online via a classic form, the native mobile app or via one of our elegant views (spreadsheet, kanban, timeline, calendar, Gantt, carto, TCD, dashboard ...).

Made to measure

In co-construction with us or our experts, or by yourself without any programming knowledge, you create your own custom web and mobile solutions.


Upgrade your management solutions at any time according to the expectations of your customers and employees, without waiting for external developers or consultants to become available.

Quick to implement

Nothing to install, open your account, start working, add tables, views, document templates, calculation rules and automation workflows later.

Safety in compliance with the GDPR

With fine management of access rights, hosting in France, encrypted files and communications, you meet regulatory requirements and can have peace of mind.

immediate ROI

Eliminate the time and money lost in unnecessary data entry, complex tools, development and maintenance costs, and expensive outside consultants that slow down your business.

Take control.

Make all your projects happen.